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    Carla Higgins

    Carla has been in the Real Estate business for 17 Years. She did over $20 million in production and is committed to run a marathon in every continent.


    Here are some excerpts from the call:

    Patrick: So number one, what is this commitment that you made? Could you tell us a little bit about this commitment you made that you’re going to run a marathon on every single continent? When was that, how far are you into it, and why the heck did you decide to do that?


    Carla: Okay so I’ve always been a runner. I started running in eight years of age. I ran with my sister who was in middle school and  ran in the track team with her cross-country team because I was bored and I wanted something to do after school. And I ran competitively myself through junior high in high school and I didn’t run competitively in college but I’ve always been a runner. Kind of my Therapy, what I like to do. It’s a good exercise I like to eat and drink wine so it helps. I ran the New York City Marathon back in — I am turning fifty this year so I turned 50 in May. I ran the New York City Marathon back in 1988 and 1990. I have continued to run half marathons, you know 10-k since then but I hadn’t run a marathon since 1990. Back in 2012, I was in the middle of going through a divorce and I was trying to think about what I wanted. I felt like I was —  kind of like in a in a football game in life. I kind of look at it as I had my first half of my life and God help me if I listed 90 I would be starting the second half of my life.  And I’m like okay I’m ending the first half what do I want to second half of my life to look like? And one of my [likes] outside of my kids in my life is travel. I love to travel. I want to see many places in the world as I can and that is a priority for me that I make happen every single year.  So I was turning 45 and I was looking at what I wanted to do and I thought, “ Hmm,  I’m turning 45, and it’s probably not a great idea to throw a party but what am I going to do?”

    I saw this Great Wall of China marathon that I thought was pretty fabulous. Like I’ve never been to the Great Wall and I’m like if I’m going to go to the Great Wall, why don’t I just run a marathon there, that sounds pretty cool? I also thought this was a great thing since I was going through this divorce and I have three young daughters, how can I show them when a woman is going through a tough time in their lives how do they turn it into something empowering. So instead of becoming a victim I wanted to be empowered and show that to my daughters. So I thought you know what, I’m going to go to China and I’m going to run this marathon. So while I was in China, I found out that there was this group of runners that belong to a club that’s called the SEVEN CONTINENTS CLUB and I decided that wow that sounds pretty cool. I love to travel, I love to run what an interesting way to do both. So subsequently, I planned every year and I you know I will put my personal life and my travel life before real estate which is not necessarily the smartest in the world but I do.  And I decided that I was just going to travel and do a marathon on a different continent every year. So I signed up. I had to sign up. I decided I wanted to do Antarctica right before my 50th because I’m like what a cool way to enter 50 by being on Antarctica and running a marathon and kayaking and really seeing this extraordinary continent. And it also has a waiting list because there’s only a hundred marathoners that they allow each year to run on Antarctica. So I had to sign up you know five years in advance to do this. So I kind of didn’t think about it. The next year I did an African safari marathon that was 2013. 2014 I ran Rio, 2015 I did the Athens-Greece marathon which was my absolute favorite marathon and I ran it in a toga it was fun and they and they loved me and they were yelling Bravo, Bravo, and hitting my hands. And if I had any kind of like self-confidence issues, I’d lost it in that marathon because it was so fun doing that one. And we ended in the marble Stadium which was the same route that the Olympic athletes had run. So it was a pretty awesome experience to do that. And then last summer, I ran the Australian outback. And then just now, I just got back from doing the marathon in Antarctica. And it was an amazing experience to be out there because no one lives in Antarctica besides research scientists. There’s no hotels, there’s no building just raw wild you know continent that’s huge it’s the size of the United States and Mexico combined and just so so pure. So just an incredible experience to be there. And now I have to think about what my next goal is going to be.




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