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    Mark Ramey

    Get to know strategies on how to position the call to bring in value to your clients

    Mark Ramey specializes in listing properties in the greater Orlando area. He became a real estate agent in 2002 and started coaching in 2004. Mark and his team finished 2016 at $17 million, selling 88 units. His goal for this year is $31 million from a 136 unit projection.



    Questions and topics Patrick and Mark discussed

    • Mindset to become a powerful prospector
    • Most important skills for a new agent
    • Advanced skills for a seasoned agent
    • OSA and when to hire one
    • Expired role play
    • Free Download of the Pre-Prospecting form

    Here are some juicy excerpts:

    Patrick: What has been one of the most effective mindset tactic strategy book that’s helped you bridge the gap from inconsistent prospecting to prospecting on a high level?


    A: Taming Your Gremlin: A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way by Carson – Rick Carson

    Carson blends his laid-back style, Taoist wisdom, the Zen Theory of Change, and sound psychology in an easy-to-understand, unique, and practical system for banishing the nemesis within. Among the things you will learn are:

    • Techniques for getting a sliver of light between the natural you and the monster of your mind.
    • The extraordinary power of simply noticing and playing with options.
    • Six keys to maintaining emotional balance amid upheaval.











    Mark: There are 16 principles: Breathe, Dammit, Breathe

    Being aware of when your mind is taking over the situation and over your experience

    The biggest thing I got is awareness of when my mind is causing me to be in a place of fear which pretty much drop everything I need to say in a client situation and then thinking action.

    Even if I just take breaths, breathing more than I need to, it changes my state. Then all of a sudden, I can get insight, intuition to then ask questions as opposed to telling people things and all that fun stuff.

    Patrick: What about skills? You’ve clearly put a lot of time/effort into working on your presentation skills, your ability to influence others. What would you say is your number one go-to like, this is the most important skill for someone who is newer to prospecting?

    Mark: I would say the number 1 skill is just 3 questions. You don’t even need a script in front of you. It’s where, why and when. If you can have where, why and when at the forefront of your mind, whenever you’re talking to someone, and listen with the intention to care, like if it is your own where, why and when, then repeat and approve as if it is just as important to you, that goal of their’s with passion, it opens the door.

    Patrick: Can you tell us more about your background and how much effort you had to put in?

    Mark: Scripts are key and critical. The faster that you can internalize them  and know them is the funner that the job and prospecting become. Because when we internalize them, then we can listen more. And we listen more, the more we listen, the more we get connected with the clients. And when we get connected with the client, the deal is done.

    Patrick: What about objection handlers?

    Mark: I would say have one or two of them for every objection, memorized in your pocket and then when they come up, just deliver them confidently without arrogance. Because nine times out of 10, the clients are just simply asking. They are just coming up with the objections, to know if you have the confidence that they want in an agent to move forward with you.

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