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    Patrick Ferry


    1147689_10201216765654155_730855392_o-3When you spend time with Patrick it will not take long for you to recognize his commitment to helping people make the best decision possible for their lifestyle desires and financially.  

    Patrick was introduced to Cay and Carly first as client’s of his families internationally recognized real estate training and coaching company (his Father, who in the early 2000’s was recognized as the 5th most influential person in the real estate industry by National Association of Realtors) in which he worked for 12 years as a sales and marketing trainer and then ultimately as a coach to some of the countries top real estate agents in North America.  Within those 12 years, Patrick has studied the most successful real estate agents in the country on their behaviors, business practices, and marketing plans.  On top of that exposed the the brightest minds in real estate like mentor Bruce Norris of who wrote the highly influential report in 2005 called “The California Crash” which outlined exactly what would happen in 2007-2012.  Bruce continues to accurately understand the direction of the California real estate market (prices), Patrick studies every word said and published by Bruce to insure his clients are making the best investment decision based upon the market trends.

    In 2012 he transitioned to his Brother’s company (in 2015 recognized as the 69th most powerful person in the US real estate industry by to be with Carly in San Diego, who is now his wife.  Patrick recently was hired by Tom Ferry’s Success Strategies Institute with Bank of America Home Loans and representatives doing educational/training events for real estate companies all across the West.  Since 2012 the main focus has been learning all the online and social media strategies available in the real estate industry.  With a strong relationship with leadership, today there are a couple features on available on Zillow that Patrick had some influence.  When you hire Patrick you can count on some of the cutting edge strategies online and utilizing social platforms that matter for real estate.

    After traveling to every major city in N. America and working with the most successful real estate agents and companies in the country, he is happy to spend his time now working with a select few top agent coaching clients in the largest markets in the US but a majority of his time today is dedicated to helping build Cay and Carly’s thriving real estate business as a sales person serving buyers, sellers and investors in San Diego.  The goal is to help Cay & Carly go from selling 48 homes in 2015 to over 100 homes in one year positioning the team as one of the most successful in the country.

    Because of Patrick’s training he specializes in helping families that were previously on the market (expired/canceled/withdrawn) with another agent/company and the home DID NOT sell, and utilizes the leading edge marketing techniques and high level market economics to create a new strategy to get the home sold within 30 days for the highest price possible.  When you meet with Patrick you will experience quickly that he thrives on the challenge of helping families that want to know how to maximize their real estate decision financially at the same time seeking to improve their quality of life.


    • Bruce Norris, California Forclosure Investment Training
    • Landmark Education
    • Tony Robbins Business Mastery
    • Success Strategies Institue Business Coach
    • Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) trained and coach
    • Chapman University “Food Science and Nutrition”
    • Guy Kawasaki Student
    • Zillow Talk and Zillow Trained


    • NCAA West Reginals College Soccer
    • Iranian Cup Champions with Azar Club

    Reach Patrick at (858)519-7101 or