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    Rodney Moser – ‘The FSBO King’

    For today’s episode, you will get to listen to 2 audio recordings with Rodney Moser, Salt Lake City’s FSBO king where Recording 1 is essentially what you need to know about appointment setting and Recording 2 below is what to do on the appointment.

    Recording 1: Listen to Salt Lake City’s FSBO king Rodney Moser and learn about his game changer skills to win it


    Rodney Moser from Salt lake city Utah FSBO King
    The man with the most number of FSBO appointments for a year which is 180 and converted about 90
    What characteristic or quality should people have to become great prospectors?

    Turn it into a game. One of the most important thing is to not get in your own head about it. Understand and track your numbers.

    What are the game changer skills that we need to learn? 

    1.Tonality and rate of speech
    You need to sound like an expert, someone who carries a bit of an authority.

    2. Honoring people who they are, how they are and where they are and letting them be right. People want to save money and to sell their property on their own and the only way for them to do that is FSBO. The key is to earn the right to give them the better information so they can make a better decision.
    Books or training that Rodney Moser recommends to get people into the skill set of a) honoring where they are at b) developing their tone, pacing and cadence.  

    Ans. The User Manual for Your Mind and your Life by Jevon Dangeli about pillars of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    B)for cadence and tonality – he sings in his car ( To the likes of Jay-z, the Beastie Boys)
    Book: What every BODY is Saying by Joe Navarro – body language. People can tell what you’re thinking by your body language and by showing up. Understanding micro expressions.
    When you are in a listing presentation with a buyer,It allows you to be more successful by reading people’s body language than just by sitting down and trying to guess.
    What advance skill sets do we all need to step up our game in when it comes to high levels of conversion?

    -Use your voice as a mechanism (you can almost hypnotize somebody)
    -Ask them two (2) different things, and that closes the frontal lobe. Slow down to highlight the words that you want listeners to remember to get an easy yes.
    How to have more fun on the phone when prospecting? He plays a little music with humor in the background to make them laugh.
    Look every person as a puzzle. Try to figure them out.(By asking probing questions)
    (Listen to the Role play.)
    Build a database then supplement others like door-knocking.
    How long will it take for agents to learn how  to convert prospects to leads?

    Ans. Not more than 30 days The magic to Neuro-Linguistic Programming is not learning how to manipulate people, it’s learning how to manipulate oneself.

    It takes concentrated-purposeful effort.

    Recording 2: What to do on an appointment


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